50 Frugal Living and Simple Saving Tips that really Save you Money

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I’ve been living frugal for the whole of my life, even as a child in a not so wealthy family, and I wanted to share some ways you can save money and lead a simpler life. Frugal doesn’t need to mean cheap although generally it is cheap to live frugally. Frugal doesn’t need to mean hungry, and in fact you’ll probably eat more less processed foods; which as it turns out is making a late comeback in the eyes of health ‘boffins’ who are really just waiting for that next big study to finish so we can be told what new thing will stop us from getting Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimers and all other age related afflictions. Simple Living works and will always keep on working.

Frugality used to be the ‘in’ thing in the 1800’s, but as time has progressed we have moved from survival mode and more toward consumerism, it’s almost been taken from the language as seen in the ‘mentions’ map from Google.

It’s a serious decline until 2000 and now the world is waking to the idea that the art of frugality should not be lost, because it has and always will have a place in our conversations. Frugal Living is on it’s way back, BABY! and I’m going to give you a little jump start back into the swing of things.

Here are your 50 Frugal Living and Simple Saving Tips

Drink more Water – Lets start with the most important Frugal Living tip you will ever hear, Drink More Water. Water is cheap and is freely available in the Western World. Your body is made of around 60% water so it must be good, right. Sure it’s a little boring, but it’s important for keeping you healthy and helps you to have a clear mind.

Take your own Snacks – Oh my kids hate this one, when they ask if they can have a chocolate, or ice cream, I simply reply “No, but look I have an apple or banana in my bag which would you prefer?” Yes, they have options.

Take your own Lunch – Chances are you’ll know what food you’ll need for the day when you head out to work or play, so why not make something at home and save yourself time queuing up for sub-standard food.

Have just One Car – It’s typical that families have a car and yet some live to excess and have 2-4 cars sitting in the driveway, one for each member of the family. Can you squeeze into the one? Saving registration and on-road costs.

Sell your Car – Ok, I might have convinced you to become a one car family, but am I pushing the friendship if I suggest a ‘No’ car family? You can always Uber a car if you need it, catch public transport, bike or walk.

Learn to Share – They say ‘sharing is caring’ and if you care to save money then borrowing something that you only need periodically is going to keep a few dollars in your pocket. Likewise, you can return the favour and let your friends know of the things they can borrow.

Layering Up – When the weather turns bad and you start to feel a chill, reach for a jumper before reaching for the thermostat. Heating is expensive and using less is an easy way to save money.

Striping Down – Conversely when things are heating up, strip down a little before flicking the switch on the A/C unit. Buy loose fitting breathable clothes and go commando if you want a little more of a thrill. Your body is a great air conditioner, it just needs a little room to breathe sometimes.

Wash when it’s Dirty – If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen someone wear something for 30 minutes and then commit it to a wash cycle I’d be a very rich frugal man. Save your hard earned dollars and wash things when they are actually stinky and dirty, not because they brushed against your skin for 10 minutes.

Cold Wash – Reach for the cold wash cycle before any other. Don’t be fooled by the washing machines that have only one tap because they are using your electricity to heat the water up in the machine.

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