7 Best Free Tutorials for Learning React and Making Web Apps

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Right now, not only is React at the height of its popularity, but its popularity is accelerating. As far as JavaScript web development is concerned, React is one of the easiest frameworks to learn and one of the most effective for rapid and robust development. computer science computer science computer science computer science

So if you’ve decided to learn it, pat yourself on the back: you’ve made a smart choice. computer science

The only problem is that most worthwhile React courses come with a hefty price tag. For example, the highly-acclaimed React for Beginners course is $89 (starter version) and $127 (master version). Free courses are rarely as comprehensive and helpful — but we’ve found several that are excellent and will get you started on the right foot.

1. React Training’s Fundamentals Course

Tyler McGinnis is a well-known React developer and instructor who has been teaching and writing about React for years now. He currently has four courses available on React Training, the first of which is completely free and serves as an entry point for the others. computer science computer science computer science

React Fundamentals is divided into 32 video lessons that add up to three full hours of education. You’ll learn everything you need to get a basic React app up and running (i.e. React ecosystem, NPM, Babel, and Webpack), the core concepts and lifecycle that drive React apps, how to write components properly, and how to pass data around.

It’s dense. It’s informative. It’s the perfect introduction, and the fact that McGinnis offers it for free is pretty awesome. This should be your first stop when learning React. computer science computer science

Website — React Fundamentals Course

2. Hacking With React

Hacking With React is an ebook that’s completely free, cover to cover, if you read the web-only version. You can grab a downloadable PDF, EPUB, or MOBI version of it for $10 if you’d rather take it with you and learn offline. Either way, it’s an awesome resource for starters who don’t like videos. computer science

It starts at the very beginning, explaining basic concepts like JSX and components and props, and holds your hand while graduating to intermediate topics like states, routing, tests, linting, and more. It’s written in ES6 start to finish and you’ll learn best practices along the way, including Babel, Webpack, and ESLint.

Will it make you a React expert? No, but it will get you comfortable enough to feel confident and keep learning. At the very least, you’ll know more than enough React to decide whether to spend money on an advanced premium course elsewhere.

Website — Hacking With React

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