6 Artificial Intelligence Apps That Will Help You Reach Your Goals

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Artificial intelligence isn’t coming — it’s already here.

Stanford University’s “One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence” report from 2016 is close to the truth. AI already impacts our lives on a daily basis. The study’s expert panel expects to see AI integrated into industries like elder care, education and public safety by 2030. computer science computer science computer science 

“The field of AI is shifting toward building intelligent systems that can collaborate effectively with people.” computer science computer science computer science computer science

Tech companies are, of course, trendsetters when it comes to new technologies, and AI is no different. In fact, Google has been using AI through an algorithm it calls RankBrain, a machine-learning way to sort through all those Google Search results. computer science computer science computer science computer science

While companies use AI to help them reach their business goals, AI can help you achieve personal goals at work or in your day-to-day life. Here are six AI apps you can use right now to help you meet almost any goal you can think of.

1. MyKAI

mykai app

What better way to start chasing your ambitions than saving up the money to do so? MyKAI is an AI-powered chatbot to manage your money and track your spending. computer science computer science

Two big perks of MyKAI are:

  1. It’s completely free to use.
  2. You can connect to your Kai chatbot over Facebook Messenger, your SMS application, or Slack, so there’s sure to be a way for everyone to access the bot.

There’s no learning curve to it. It understands natural, conversational language. The more you chat with your Kai bot, the more it learns about you and your personal finance goals.

All you have to do is sign up on the MyKAI website and connect your bank accounts. The bot is compatible with over 20,000 US banks and credit card companies, and works across multiple accounts.

Of course, you wouldn’t give your banking data to just any chatbot, but MyKAI was created by Kasisto, a spin-off company from the one that created Apple’s famous Siri. Banks DBS and Wells Fargo also back Kasisto.

According to the company’s website, MyKAI was designed to be extremely secure: “No personal or financial data is ever stored, and MyKAI uses read-only data about accounts from a secure independent aggregator.”

If you’re ready to get a better handle on your finances with minimal effort, consider giving MyKAI a go.

Sign Up — MyKAI for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone (Free)

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