The 5 programming languages you need to learn for 2018

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Being able to program software is one of the most sought-after skills by employers. Have that on your CV and the world could be your oyster when it comes to finding lucrative jobs. With digital transformation projects underway in most organisations, there has never been a better time to become a talented software developer.

But with hundreds of programming languages out there, which ones are most likely to land you that dream job? Read on and find out. computer science computer science computer science computer science


SQL, or Structured Query Language, is unique on this list, in that its sole purpose is to communicate and interact with databases. Businesses turn to SQL to help them manage and access the vast amounts of data they store in various repositories, helping employees gain the information they need to perform tasks.

Given that many companies are now turning to big data analytics to drive decision making, SQL skills are some of the most sought-after among hiring firms. According to stats provided by job search site Indeed, SQL was the most advertised programming language this year, accounting for nearly 2% of all job listings for each month since the start of 2018. computer science computer science computer science

As the most sought-after programming language on this list, it is surprising that it is also one of the lowest earning. However, as a SQL developer, you still stand to earn an average of £41,550 per year, so it’s not all bad.


Having been on the scene for over 23 years, JavaScript becomes one of the most popular programming languages in the world and is present in most web pages today. computer science computer science computer science

Unlike Java, which is oriented around objects, JavaScript is a text-based language designed for use with web applications. It is purposefully built to integrate with HTML, and, alongside CSS, forms the scaffold of web development today. While HTML allows developers to change how the web page looks, JavaScript’s main purpose is to inject a little flair, including effects and notifications that generally help improve the user experience and make for a more dynamic page. The great thing is that because it is text-based, code can be created without the use of special programs – all you need is a simple plain text app like Notepad. computer science computer science

Given its popularity, it’s no surprise that demand for JavaScript developers remains high, appearing in over 1% of all job listings for June this year. JavaScript offers average salaries of just over £48,000 per year.

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