Top 5 Free Computer Maintenance Tools You Should Know About

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If you treat your computer right, it will stay fast and responsive for many years. But if you neglect proper maintenance, it will turn into a molasses machine that ends up being a source of frustration.

In the worst of cases, your computer will lose much of its lifespan — and this is especially true for laptops, which are more susceptible than desktops. computer science computer science computer science computer science

So where do you begin? With the five apps below. They’re extremely effective at what they do, require close to zero effort on your part, and don’t cost a dime. The bang-for-buck is incredible, so if you aren’t using them already, you should install them right away. computer science computer science computer science computer science

1. Disk Space Analysis

No matter how tech-savvy you think you are, you have wasted disk space on your system. And if you’re the exact opposite of tech-savvy, then you’ll be surprised by how much of your disk space is actually being wasted. We’re talking gigabytes. computer science computer science computer science computer science

Go ahead and install WinDirStat.

Here’s the hard part about disk space management: the average Windows system has hundreds of thousands of files and folders. This makes it difficult to pinpoint where all of those disk-wasting files are located.

Cleaning out your Downloads folder is only the first and most obvious step. Your system is likely filled with all kinds of forgotten files that you no longer need, and these files are likely scattered around your system. Good luck hunting them down one by one! computer science computer science computer science

If you value your time, you should just use WinDirStat instead. It scans your drive and turns it into a browsable hierarchy that makes it easy to see which folders are using up the most space on your drive. Afterwards, check out these tips for saving even more space on Windows.

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