8 Steps in Preparing Wood for Your Woodworking Project

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Step 4: Plane the other side of the board

The opposite side of the board on the other hand will be flattened and smoothened through the use of the planer. A planer is a great use to mill the wood to your desired and preferred thickness by simply setting the cut depth. Just like the jointer, you will be required to take several passes before achieving the exact outcome you need for your project.

Planer is especially used to even out irregular pieces and parts of the wood. It is suggested to leave at least 1/32 inch extra thickness for the removal of machine marks.

Step 5: Cut the other edge using a table saw

Using the table saw, you can carefully cut the reference edge against the fence. By doing so, first, mark the board to get the exact dimension, then align it with the fence before making the final cut. Allow about 1/16 inch extra for jointing later on.

Table saw is one of the sharpest power tools. Hence you need to take extra care when operating it. After each cut, make sure to turn off the saw before removing the cut off pieces. It is highly advised not to use the rip fence as a guide when cutting, as it is hazardous and result in uneven cuts.

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