5 Rules to a Happy Woodworking Life

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3. Choose Dependable Sources in Learning About the Craft

There is a Latin saying which goes “Ars Longa, Vita Brevis”. This basically translates to the expression “art is long, life is short”. This only implies the need to be a good learner when it comes to studying everything about woodworking. One way to do so is by making sure that you choose dependable sources when learning.

With the seemingly overwhelming amount of learning sources in different types of media, there seems to be no excuse for ignoring this reminder. Make sure that you only choose reliable sources, never neglecting the fact that there is almost always more than a single appropriate way of completing tasks. You may encounter contradictory teachings along the way, but they may all have value in their own way. After all, in the end, you will still have to find your own way, especially when it comes to identifying the right thing to do in your own shop.

It is also important to remember that some gurus need not be licensed professionals, and they don’t just even come from books or online sources as well. Some of the best teachers are actual woodworkers who have been living and breathing the craft for most of their lives. These are the ones who usually implement tradition and expertise in their craft. It does not mean that you will follow everything that they will do, but you can certainly learn from them.

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